Hi, I’m Kayla

and I see you, boss babe!

I see your heart and your desire to make a change in your life.

Not because of the money, fame, or fortune — but because of who you are, what you stand for, what you have to say, and what you mean to people.

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What I Do

I help passion-driven lady bosses build businesses they LOVE

My students come to me overwhelmed and confused about how to build a successful online business and finally find happiness by making a living doing something they’re passionate about. They walk away clear, confident, and in LOVE with their business, with product listings that SELL, and a brand that inspires + moves people.

Let’s build an online business you love, so you can thrive by being YOU!

Why I Do It

I believe the world needs more PASSION

It wasn’t too long ago that I was dragging myself out of bed every morning to get to my 9-5 job. Have you ever noticed that more and more people aren’t HAPPY or PASSIONATE about their job anymore?

It’s just another necessary evil so you can pay the bills, maybe buy a few things that you want, and hopefully leave something behind for the next generation.

Just one teeny, tiny problem: This kind of lifestyle seriously SUCKS!

I want to live in a world were HAPPINESS and CREATIVITY doesn’t have to be compromised or unobtainable!

So, I started an Etsy shop and a blog about creativity and entrepreneurship…I shared what was on my mind, on my heart, and provided information based off of my experience running two Etsy businesses & blog. I met some incredible dreamers who knew they were meant for MORE, but were held back by fear and self-doubt.

And slowly but surely, I begin to realize:

We all have the potential to do whatever we want in life, and be whoever we want to be. It just starts with taking that FIRST STEP

Now, I help other boss babes push past their fears, find their passion, and build thriving creative businesses doing what they loved.

I can’t wait to see how YOU grow!

You also might be interested to know…

My name is Kayla Amma Rose Warner (yes, I have two middle names)! After 23 years of not caring for my full name, I can now say that I kind of dig it 😉

Fun fact: one of the most asked questions I get is who or what is “Amma Rose”…now you know!

I live in Georgia with my husband – Hakeem (that’s him to the right playing video games as usual), a bearded dragon, and a few cats. When I’m not working on my computer, I’m either redecorating our townhouse, hiking, or cooking. I have always been creative at heart.

Being able to do what I love every day while helping biz owners create beautiful and successful businesses is everything I have ever dreamed of!

Where to Next?

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Check out our latest blog posts and keep up to date with the newest and updates Etsy resources, tools, advice, and news. 

Our Mission

At By Amma Rose, we strive to give our audience every single piece of information that we have about starting an online business. You can rest assured that the resources and blog posts you have access to provides straight-forward, zero-fluff content that is tested and proven to help you start, manage, and grow a business that you love.

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