Etsy Conversion Rates Guide


Follow along with this complete Etsy Shop Conversion Rate Optimization Series which includes multiple in-depth mini-guides. We tell you absolutely everything we know about increasing your conversion rates for your Etsy shop without holding anything back! 

1. What Is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rates are the key to getting more sales with less traffic! By properly optimizing your product listings, you’ll be able to turn any browser into a buyer with little to no extra work. Learn exactly why a good conversion rate is important, how to calculate your conversion rates, and what you need to do to increase it!

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2. Guide to Understanding your Target Customers

On of the biggest mistakes Etsy sellers make (and the reason they aren’t getting the sales they want) is because they are trying to sell to everyone. Learn why this hurts your shop in the long run, and exactly how you can target your ideal customers in your marketing strategies. 

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3. Guide to Product Photography that Converts

Your product photos are going to be one of the first things that your potential customers will see, and is essentially the #1 place where you need to win them over. We’ll go over the exact photos you should have in each listing, and a guide on how to take photos of your products that are attractive and professional. 

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4. Guide to Product Descriptions that Sell

After your potential customers review your photos, your product description is going to be what draws them in and answers any questions that weren’t addressed in the photos. We’ll walk you through the perfect template of a product description that sells in this guide. 

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5. Guide Getting Positive Reviews

As your customer finished reviewing your photos and your descriptions, they’re on the edge of purchasing your item from you. Their last decision maker is going to be scrolling down to review your comments. If they like what they see, they will add the item to their cart. If they don’t, they’ll most likely trust the opinions of your past customers over your own. Find out how to ensure you get tons of positive reviews that leave your future customers wanting more! 

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6. The Etsy Product Planner

After reading the guides, are you looking for some more actionable resources to help increase your conversion rates? Take a look at the Etsy Product Planner, which takes each element of optimizing your Etsy Shop and breaks it down into manageable steps in a workbook formatting.

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