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Find the Best Keywords for Your Etsy Shop Using FREE Etsy SEO Tools

Aug 29, 2017 | Grow an Online Business | 2 comments

I think it’s safe to say that we all know one of the key steps in getting our products in front of viewers on Etsy is Search Engine Optimization.

Finding the most efficient and searchable Etsy keywords to tag to your listings goes a long way for your SEO.

What’s not so clear, however, is how to exactly find these keywords with free Etsy SEO tools.

New to Etsy SEO?

This post is apart of a 5-part blog series to give you every piece of information we know about optimizing your Etsy shop and listings and giving you the best chances of showing up in Etsy searches!

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Psst….before we begin, grab a copy of our FREE Keyword Planner to help you lock in on the most optimal keywords and keyword phrases that will get you on the first page of Etsy in no time!

Finding the Best Etsy Keywords with FREE Etsy SEO Tools

There are multiple tools out there that you can buy to find keywords for your items. I haven’t used any of these tools, so I can’t accurately say whether or not they are worth it. However, I’ve been able to find effective and ranking keywords using a little time and imagination with these free Etsy SEO tools.

Here are a few questions to get started in coming up with a variety of Etsy keywords you could possibly use.

Once you have a collection of keywords to work with, keep them for tags and titles, and also use them as a starting point for your keyword research.

  • What are you selling?
  • What is it made of?
  • How is it made?
  • Who is it for?
  • What occasion is it for?
  • What color is it?
  • What materials were used?
  • What style it is?
  • Where would you use it?
  • Synonyms for your item?
  • Flavor or scent?

Once you have a collection of keywords, you can begin to put together phrases that will work to get you found in Etsy’s search.

Keyword Research on Etsy

Along with the previous exercise, you’ll want to do a little research for additional Etsy keywords that may not have occurred to you. When completing this research and picking keywords to work with, it’s important to think like a buyer.

You need phrases that resonate with your buyers because this is what they are going to be putting in the search box. If you go too specific or too extravagant, you risk never being found in Etsy.

Starting your research on Etsy is beneficial for the rest of your keyword research as it gives you a starting place and ideas to look for as you move forward.

Etsy Search Bar

Before diving deeper into your keyword research, you’ll want to begin your search at the source – Etsy – to get a good idea of the type of keyword phrases you’ll want to look up to check the competition, clicks, performance, etc.

The place where I always start is at the Etsy search bar.

By utilizing the Etsy search bar, you’ll be able to find what phrases are frequently searched.

Begin typing in your main, broad keyword for the item and a list will drop down of recent and commonly searched terms.

As you can see, by simply typing in “Wall Art”, I am giving multiple keywords and keyword phrases that I could use for a product listing if I was selling wall art.

The more that I keep typing into the Etsy search bar, the more suggestions Etsy gives me to better describe the product.

As I mentioned before, this is a great free tool that you can use to get you thinking about tags to plug into your product listing.

You could even solely use this.

With that being said, there are some limitations to the Etsy search bar.

For instance, it doesn’t tell you about any of the performance statistics on the search terms that pop up.

It may be a well-searched keyword, but it may also have a very high competition.

To get the most out of using the Etsy search bar, it would be best if you use the terms that Etsy gives you and start to plug them into other tools that I will mention later in the blog post as a starting point.

From there, you can see more keyword suggestions and build a more complete keyword library that will get your product seen in front of thousands.

Etsy Stats Page

Similar to the Etsy search bar, Etsy gives you access to the most popular search terms directly in your Shop Manager page.

The difference is that these are search phrases that your customers have searched that lead them directly to your product listing.

This works the best if you are a seasoned seller and have generated some stats to go off of.

To access your Etsy stats, go to your Etsy Shop Manager.

Once you’re in your Etsy Shop Manager, on the left-hand side of the page is a list of tabs.

Click on the tab that says “Stats”.

This will redirect you to your Stats page.

Scroll down until you see “Search Terms”. These are the terms that people are finding your shop and items with.

The words at the top of the list are the words that are used the most to find your things. Focus on these terms first.

Then, go further down the list to see if you can find any worth working into your listings.

I love looking at these keywords because more often than not, a keyword will pop up that I hadn’t ever thought of using that my customers are using.

If it fits my product well, I quickly replace a tag that isn’t performing as well with this keyword, which helps my search ranking.

Similar to the Etsy search bar, however, the limitations to this search tool are that you don’t know the performance statistics.

You should, again, use this simply as a starting place for your keyword research.

Check out my blog post on SEO for Etsy Sellers to learn about the multiple factors involved that rank you in an Etsy search!

FREE Etsy SEO Tools

Now that you have an idea of what keywords you want to research and check the performance, we can go into our free keyword tools to finally decide which keywords you want to plug into your product listing.

Keyword Analysis

I wanted to mention the actual analysis part of doing keyword research to prevent you from picking random words that pop up in whatever tool you decide to use.

Every tool analyzes keywords differently.

Some only look at competitive rates, some includes cost per click, and others look at page bid.

For the sake of researching keywords for Etsy, I usually only look at “Competition” and “Avg. Monthly Searches” and ignore most of everything else.

I want a keyword that has a competition rate of either low or medium paired with a decent average monthly search rate.

Say there’s a keyword has low competition but is only searched a few times a month, that won’t do me any good!

There are gems out there with low competitive rates and a high average monthly search rate.

You want to try and get as much of these as possible!

I usually avoid terms with a higher competitive rate unless it describes my item perfectly and I’m willing to risk it by tagging my item with it.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This is a tool that you can use to find Etsy keywords and how they rank through Google. You’ll need a Google AdWords account, which is free to sign up!

First, you’ll want to go to AdWords. At the top menu, click on “Tools” and from the drop-down menu that appears, select “Keyword Planner”.

Click on “Find New Keywords” and then type in your main keyword phrase (from the keyword exercises from above) and search.

The keyword planner will give you a list of results to choose from. As you can see below, a lot of the keywords that they gave me by searching “Wall Art” have extremely high competition.

I don’t want to choose a lot of these words because it will be harder for my product listings to compete with the products that are already ranking high in this category.

If you click on the word “Competition”, it will list the search terms from low to high, giving you access to the kind of keywords you’ll want to use for your product listings at the top.

As mentioned before, we want to focus our attention on keywords that are low or medium in the competition statistics.

From here, you can look at the Competition of the keyword versus the average monthly visits and decide which word fits your product the best.

2. LSI Graph

I find myself using LSI Graph more and more lately for my tags on Etsy.

There is an option for paying for LSI Graph starting at $24 a month, which honestly isn’t bad at all.

There is also a free version, which limits you to only three searches a day.

What I love about LSI Graph is that it’s extremely user-friendly and has a simple layout that doesn’t overwhelm you.

The premium version will give you more thorough results but I find the free searches LSI Graph provides gives plenty of related keywords and is in-tune with current Google practices.

As you go into LSI Graph, type in your main keyword phrase into the search bar.

Once you search, it will redirect you to a page that gives you the keywords, and if you’re using the free version, it won’t show you the analytics of each keyword.

For this tool, I don’t mind not having that extra information like the competition and average page visits because the keywords that LSI Graph suggest are very detailed and always work great in Etsy.

If you want the statistics of each word before committing to it, feel free to plug them into Google Keyword Planner.

3. Answer the Public

This next tool is so much fun to play around with and isn’t like any other keyword search engine that I have seen.

If you go onto the Answer the Public website, type in your main keyword phrase into the search bar and hit “Get Questions”.

Now, when it redirects you to your keyword search, you’re going to see similar to the pinwheel below that gives you multiple questions involving that keyword.

From there, you can find questions that most relate to your product and make sure that you answer that question when you’re typing your description and taking your photos.

Doing so will capture your audience and they will be more likely to buy your item if they know it is going to solve whatever problem they have.

While this feature is neat, I mostly use this tool for what comes after the pinwheels.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll eventually run into a huge list of keyword phrases that begin with the main keyword that you typed in. The word that follows your main keyword is alphabetized for every letter in the alphabet.

This is a very very long list where you’re bound to find some hidden gems of keywords.

I also love this tool because it gives me more ideas on long-tail or targeted keyword phrases, which you should be including in your mixture of tags and keywords.

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Your Turn!

I know most people have a love-hate relationship with SEO. Let me know your thoughts down below with your Shop name and a link to your best selling item!

  • What are your favorite tools for finding the best keywords for Etsy?
  • Have you been struggling with your SEO efforts or cruising by?
  • What have been some of your biggest wins or biggest lows this week?

If you’re ready to create the Etsy shop you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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