How to Master Etsy Product Photography That Converts

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So, you’ve just designed an amazing product that you just know your ideal customers are going to love, and all that’s left to do is show them how beautiful your product is.

But with a competitive platform like Etsy, how do you stand out against the crowd and entice your audience to click on your listing above the rest?

The first impression your audience will have from you is your photos, and this is essentially where they will fall in love with you, your brand, and your product.

Only, there’s only one problem – you’re not confident with handling a camera and shooting items to make them come to life.

This is totally common, and with a little tweak, you can snap photos that make you more competitive in no time!

Need help with your product photography? Download this Product Photography Checklist which helps you stay organized with your photo shoots, the equipment you need, a shot list, and a list of photos you should consider having in your Etsy listing. Just tell me where to send it below!

The Purpose of Your Photos

When your potential customers visit your listings on Etsy, they won’t be able to pick them up, get a feel for them, or try them on.

Therefore, your photos and descriptions are going to be the main source of information they will have to get a “feel” for what your product will be like in real life.

So, it’s safe to say that if you have mediocre photos and stale descriptions, your customers are most likely going to back out and look for someone else to invest their money in.

The purpose of your photos is to give your customers as close of a representation of what your product will be like in real life as you can, while also answering tons of questions.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re taking photos of your products:

  • How is it special?
  • Size (try using a sizing chart)
  • Show scale (like holding it in your hands, item being modeled, next to similar sized common items, or the item in its natural surroundings)
  • Quantity
  • Variations (or options) available
  • Color Chart
  • What is it made of?
  • Show item in-use
  • Show the details (stitching, wood grain, patterns)
  • Show off your packaging
  • Social Proof – testimonials or customer photos
  • An image that asks them to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media
  • If you offer custom or commissioned work, let them know it!

By answering all of your potential customer’s question plus more, you’ll have them adding your items to their carts instantly!

Etsy Product Photography Tips

1. Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is going to be one of the best things you can start implementing in your product photography.

The plus side?

It’s a fairly simple fix that you don’t have to pay for or find!

Find a spot in your home near a window, or even go outside, and take your photos there.

Natural lighting produces a much better-quality and better-lit image that displays a better representation of colors.

As you can see from the photo above, natural lighting from the window gives the image a clean and professional look without any harsh shadows or unflattering, dull tones.

2. Clean, Bright Backgrounds

Your background should be clean, bright, and just what the word suggests – in the back.

You want your customer to see your products first, not your background.

Where you may go wrong is shooting your product photography with a background with too many distracting colors and patterns, or accidentally having the background more in focus rather than your actual product.

Your goal is to get your products to stand out!

Here are a few simple tips to achieve this:

  • Use a bright white or light grey background – other popular background selections: a subtle white marble contact paper or warm wood background to stand out from the crowd
  • Keep it simple
  • Use minimal props – only use props to show relative sizing compared to your product
  • Have at least one photo that stages your products in its natural setting

If you’re having a hard time thinking of background, just remember that you want your customers to be drawn to your item!

From personal experience, black backgrounds can be hard to master without them coming out dull. If you’re determined to use black, get a sheet of clear plexiglass and set your product on top of it to create a reflection of your product. This gives it more a sleek and modern look.

3. Details & Angles

Photos are a great way to visually answer any questions that your description can’t, so using up all of the photo slots that Etsy gives you different details and angles is going to be beneficial.

Provide multiple perspectives of your product and all of its features, like it’s color, texture, and size.

4. Try Flatlays

Flat lays are images that are angled directly above the product in a bird’s eye point of view, are typically styled to go with the brand.

For these type of shots, you can incorporate props and items that help tell a story about your products, such as:

  • flowers
  • plants
  • coffee cups
  • journals or planners
  • candles
  • cell phones

What props you choose, just keep in mind that it should be clear which item is your product, and your props should be relevant to it.

5. Product Model or Object

It’s important to show your item relative to its true size plus allows your customer a chance to see it styled.

If your product can be worn, add a live model to give your customer a good idea of how the item hits.

If your product can’t be worn, place it next to a common object to scale the size.

Even though you will include sizing information in your description, your photos will help give a visual representation.

6. Don’t Use Filters

In product photography, your photos should absolutely show only true colors.

Applying a filter over your photos will distort the coloring and give an untrue expectation of what the product will look like.

Therefore, when your customer gets their product in the mail, they may be disappointed in the coloring.

This is especially true for clothing and linens.

Try to stick with natural lighting instead!

Don’t forget to download your Product Photography Checklist which helps you stay organized with your photo shoots, the equipment you need, a shot list, and a list of photos you should consider having in your Etsy listing. Just tell me where to send it below!

Product Photos for Etsy Listings

If you apply these few tips in your next photo session, you’ll be on your way to making your products look just as amazing online than they are in person!

I also want to mention to not get discouraged if you don’t nail your photo goals in one session.

While you definitely don’t have to be an expert to get good-quality photos, photography takes a little bit of a learning curve.

The more you practice and do it, the easier it will get. You’ll start to notice different angles and lighting that looks specifically good on your product!

Take your photos and list your item!

If you’re having a hard time finding inspiration for product photography, check out my Pinterest Board – Etsy Product Photography – to find resources, tips, and tricks on Etsy product photography, including lighting, camera settings, the best product photography techniques, and so much more to help you take control of your Etsy sales and make money online!

Don’t let the fear of bad photos hold you back from listing your items, just keep the motivation to keep getting better and you’ll have your desired image in no time!

  • What’s your biggest frustration when it comes to taking photos of your products?
  • When was the last time you re-photographed your products for Etsy?
  • Is there another photography tip that you know of that I didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re ready to create the Etsy Empire you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

Welcome to the blog! It’s where I share my best tips & tricks for growing an online business fluff-free.

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