The Best Way to Manage an Etsy Shop

Mar 27, 2019 | Getting Started | 2 comments

Starting your own Etsy business can be a lot of fun!

I mean, who wouldn’t like to work for themselves while doing something they’re passionate about?

And while it can be fun, at the same time it’s a business that has to pay bills and make a profit.

So, it requires some time management so you can properly manage your Etsy shop without pulling your hair out.

You may be thinking, “But, I’m not an organized person!”, and the good news is you don’t have to be!

To run a business you don’t have to be a Type A, plan your day by the second kind of person (bonus points if you are that type of person).

Here are 5 simple tips to help you spend your time wisely each day on Etsy:

1. Prepare a Daily To-Do List

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down at my desk, only to start at my blank screen and forget everything that I need to do next for my Etsy shop.

With everything else going on in our lives, we need some structure and a reminder or two to keep our business managed.

Put together a to-do list to help you get tasks done each day.

Here’s a FREE monthly planner with a to-do list designed specifically for Etsy shop owners. Download and print out this simple tool to help you get started!

2. Set An Hourly Limit To Your Work Each Day

This is a big one for me!

In the beginning, I spent nearly 8 hours a day working on my blog and Etsy shop.

While I grew rather quickly, putting in so much time led to burning out quickly! Don’t compromise your health and sanity for being desperate to see results.

No matter what you do, you’re going to see results and improvements over time, so take it slow.

Don’t allow yourself to work more the 3 hours a day on your Etsy shop.

3. Batch Tasks

The only way I can stay productive is if I complete similar tasks together at the same time.

It saves tons of time and makes tedious tasks a lot less daunting!

For example, you can batch printing all of your labels at the same time, packaging each item at the same time, and schedule 1-2 days out of the week were you take your orders to be shipped.

4. Plan to Grow Over The Long Run

As I mentioned before, burning out is a real thing!

Some people get burnt out and stop working for a week. But others get burnt out and quit their business altogether.

I know you may be thinking that could never be you, but if you try and grow your business overnight, you’re only doing yourself and your business a disservice.

Put in some effort every single day and watch your shop grow over time!

5. Don’t Focus Solely on the Money

I can say without question the #1 thing my students out their focus on when they open an Etsy business is – Traffic.

Whether that be traffic from Etsy SEO, traffic from Pinterest, or traffic from Social Media, 9/10 questions I get are traffic or marketing related.

While marketing and getting traffic are important to your business, there are so many other things that you should be focusing on to keep your business sustainable as well:

  • Improving your shop policies and About section
  • Improving your product listings – photos, descriptions, pricing
  • Optimizing your shop (shop sections + featured listings)
  • Analyzing your shop’s statistics (so you can track your growth)
  • Marketing – Etsy SEO, Pinterest, Social Media, Promoted Listings

Don’t put all of your attention on 1 component of managing a successful Etsy shop because you’ll only neglect the others.

For example, if you spend all of your time sending traffic to your shop through marketing but you haven’t bothered to improve your product photography and descriptions or price your product competitively, you’re wasting a view and you won’t see a difference in sales.

Manage an Etsy Shop

Don’t forget to grab a copy of your monthly planner and to-do list to stay organized!

Running a successful Etsy shop may be a dream come true for you and I’m so happy that you’ve taken the leap to become fulfilled.

To sustain your business, however, it requires some planning, strategy, and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

If you can manage all three, then you’re on your way to accomplishing anything you set your mind to!

Stick with me, I’ll help you get there 🙂

  • How do you manage your time on Etsy?
  • Would you say you’re an organized person? If not, how do you plan on managing your time as a business owner?

If you’re ready to create the Etsy shop you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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