Marketing for Etsy Sellers Guide


Follow along with this complete Marketing for Etsy Sellers Series which includes multiple in-depth mini-guides. We tell you absolutely everything we know about Marketing for Etsy sellers without holding anything back! 

1. Guide to Etsy SEO

Review each and every step of Etsy SEO – from keyword research, to setting up your listing, to optimizing your shop. We’ll go over everything you need to know to help you steadily move up in each Etsy search. 

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2. Guide to Promoting Etsy Listings

Did you know that one of the most important components of Etsy SEO is how often it’s purchased. Etsy keywords just won’t cut it if you want to beat out your competitors. Learn how to properly promote each listing for more exposure!

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3. Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the most valuable tools you can use to market your Etsy shop. Learn how to set up, optimize, and convert traffic into sales completely from Pinterest in this guide!

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4. Guide to Social Media Marketing

Utilizing other outside marketing tools, such as your social media accounts, is a great way to build a community, establish trust with your potential customers, and showcase the “human-side” of your brand, which ultimately helps you make sales in the long run. 

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5. Guide to Collaboartions

As you make your way through your marketing strategies, incorporating collaboration is a great way to build friendships with people in your niche and also increase your exposure.  

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6. The Etsy Marketing Road Map

After reading the guides, are you looking for some more actionable resources to help you on your marketing journey? Take a look at the Etsy Marketing Road Map, which takes each element of marketing your Etsy Shop and breaks it down into manageable steps in a workbook formatting.

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