The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Etsy Shops Make That Plummet Their Sales

Nov 3, 2018 | Marketing | 0 comments

Tell me. Do you ever feel like your time and energy that you’ve poured into your Etsy products are essentially going to waste as they just sit there collecting dust?

We’ve all been there.

Marketing is one of the best ways to showcase your product for your audience to find and eliminate the dreadful product dusk collection. It’s also something sellers often don’t give enough attention to.

If done right, you can create a living through crafting and making, which is what we thrive on doing. If done wrong, you could be risking your products never being found and scraping by month by month.

A common mistake Etsy sellers are making with their marketing strategies is their lack of marketing diversity.

Keep reading to find out how to diversify your marketing audiences to increase your traffic and sales in no time!

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Increase Your Etsy Sales with Marketing

After spending months attempting to figure out my own Etsy marketing strategies, I began to notice that the more that I relied on one source of traffic, the more likely my sales would start to drop.

Think about it, the guarantees of marketing can be finicky.

Like, real finicky!

Some days are great, while some are…not so great.

If you’re focusing all of your attention on one traffic source, your entire shop is riding on that one source.

By branching out and marketing to multiple traffic sources, you can protect your shop if one of your group of buyers drops.

You can rely on the other sources to keep your traffic up and the sales coming in!

Etsy Traffic Sources

Etsy gives you access to all of your traffic information in your Etsy Shop Manager.

Go to where your Stats is located and scroll down to Traffic Sources.

Here, you’ll find where your shop visits are coming from.

The traffic sources include:

  • Etsy
  • Direct
  • Social Media
  • External Search
  • Other

This will give you a good idea of which traffic source you’re relying on and which sources you can devote more attention to.

As you can see, you can split these traffic sources into two categories:

  • Existing Etsy Traffic
  • Outside Traffic

Existing Etsy traffic comes from things like SEO, using Etsy Updates, promotions and coupons, and recruiting your competitor’s traffic.

Outside traffic sources come from social media platforms such as Pinterest, external searches, and reaching out to bloggers.

When creating my marketing plan, I realized that I couldn’t just rely on one source of getting customers to get the amount of income that I wanted.

You shouldn’t focus all of your marketing just on Etsy shoppers or just on outside sources of traffic.

You want to have a healthy balance between the traffic coming in from Etsy, Social Media, External Searches, and traffic sent from blogs.

Existing Etsy Traffic

Etsy has millions of daily shoppers on their site at all times, which is a huge market for getting your items seen.

To reach this audience, you need to crack down on your SEO to show up at the top of your customer’s search list and also attract your competitor’s customers and bring them over to your Shop to spend their money.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve been on the internet as an influencer for only a minute, you may have heard of something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

According to just about everyone, it’s the end all be all for creating a successful business online.

When your potential shopper searches for an item on Etsy, a variety of information is drawn from all of the shops within Etsy to produce a rank list.

The reason for this ranking is to determine which shops are the most relevant based off of the search term, and then to display the results in the order of the most relevant.

There are multiple factors that contribute to this ranking:

  • Relevant terms, or keywords (used to generate traffic)
  • Listing quality (listings that are being clicked, favorites, or purchased)
  • Customer Experience
  • Recency

Check out my Etsy SEO strategy where I go into depth on each of these elements of perfecting your ranking on Etsy!

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Promotions and Coupons

Everybody likes a good deal!

Creating discounts and coupon codes is a great way to attract the customers that land on your Shop to purchase something.

By having a discount offer on an item or offering a sale, you give you’re enticing your potential buyers to purchase from your shop rather than going to your competitors.

Additionally, you can advertise to other shoppers on this platform using Promoted Listings to improve your chances of being discovered.

You simply have to set how much you want to pay daily and Etsy does all of the hard work by putting your item at the top of searches when your potential buyer searches for related keywords.

Before setting up Promoted Listings, make sure you have reviewed your SEO and are happy with all of the keywords and phrases of the listing you want to promote. It would be a waste of money if you are promoting a listing that no one is searching for.

Etsy Updates

Etsy has a feature for shop owners on the Sell on Etsy app that gives you the ability to market to Etsy shoppers who have favorited an item or followed your shop.

You can post a photo of a new product, behind the scenes of creating your product, an upcoming promotion and share to your audience.

When you post a picture on Etsy Updates, it will show up on the homepage of each person who fits the description above, reminding them that your shop still exists and updating them on any new items or sales that you are promoting.

Instead of re-listing your listing – which can be spammy! – have some fun with this feature and think of creative ways to give your audience an inside look into your business.

Take a shot of your office space, your item in use, show the process of creating your item, and so much more!

I love this feature because it puts a face to a brand, setting you apart from just any other Etsy seller.

Now, your audience can see how you work and get a better sense of your personality, making you and your brand a lot more relatable.

Marketing Outside of Etsy

Along with marketing to the Etsy audience, you want to focus a lot of your attention on all of the potential customers that don’t shop on Etsy frequently. Just as there are millions of customers on Etsy already, there are billions who aren’t.

If you don’t reach out to them, they’ll never have a chance to know your brand even exists.

By placing some of your marketing tasks on your targeted audience outside of Etsy, such as Pinterest and a bloggers audience, you can drastically improve your sales!


You can find a lot of additional traffic from marketing on Pinterest. Unlike many social media platforms, Pinterest users are more likely to make purchases straight from the Pinterest platform.

By simply being consistent and having great pins that relate to Pinterest users, you can tap into a huge market of people who are ready to practically hand you their money.

When it comes to developing a pinning strategy, I have heard everything under the sun when it comes to how much one should pin for the best results.

There are some who believe you can have great success with just a couple of times a day, and there are some that suggest pinning up to 100 times a day.

So, I’ve boiled it down to personal preference and what you think is best for your business. However, I will say, I think that the newer your business is, the more that you should be pinning because you don’t have any pins out there for users to run into.

The more you pin, the greater chance you have of someone seeing your pin.

Head over to my Pinterest for Etsy post where I go into depth on what boards you should make, how to design your pins and my personal pinning strategy that nearly tripled my traffic!

Other Social Media Platforms

There are tons of other ways that you can market your Etsy shop, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.

Each Etsy shop is different and each audience “hangs out” in different places, so to market via social media, figure out where exactly your audience is.

Instagram is a great platform for Etsy sellers because of the visual component.

There are multiple elements of Etsy marketing. While you have a huge market to tap into directly on Etsy, you’ll also want to devote the same amount of time on your outside markets to draw them in to purchase your items on your Etsy shop.

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Your Turn!

I can’t be the only one with a marketing strategy. Let me know your thoughts down below with your Shop name and a link to your best selling item!


  • What are you best preforming marketing strategies for your Etsy shop?
  • What marketing strategies are a “no-go” for you and why?
  • Do you spend more time marketing to your existing Etsy audience or outside of Etsy?

If you’re ready to create the Etsy shop you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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