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How to Optimize Your Etsy Shop to Get More Sales

Feb 13, 2019 | Grow an Online Business | 0 comments

While Etsy may not have a lot of flexibility in creatively changing your Etsy Shop to be customized and unique, there are still so many opportunities to optimize your Etsy shop so Etsy favors you in searches and convert browsers into buyers.

Very few Etsy Sellers understand how to optimize their shop, so having an understanding of these principles is going to drastically put your Etsy Shop above your competition.

New to Etsy SEO?

This post is apart of a 5-part blog series to give you every piece of information we know about optimizing your Etsy shop and listings and giving you the best chances of showing up in Etsy searches!

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There are a few things you can do to optimize your Etsy shop and make the best of the changes that you can make, which include:

  • Taking great photos of your Listings
  • Organizing your Shop Sections
  • Writing clear Listing descriptions
  • Having low shipping costs
  • Choosing your top 4 Featured Items
  • Making sure your reviews are all 5 stars
  • Rearranging your Listings on the Shop Home page

How to Optimize Your Etsy Shop

Rearranging Listing

One of the first steps I tell sellers to make is rearranging your Etsy listings on your Shop’s Home Page.

Etsy gives you the ability to arrange your items based on your best-selling and trending items, which is a great tool to take advantage of to increase your chances of making a sale.

For the best Shop Optimization results, I recommend:

  1. Organize your listings in a way that inspires customers to hopefully buy more than 1 item at a time. Pair items together that customers have previously purchased together
  2. Arrange your items by combinations of best sellers & trending items. Make sure to rearrange and update these items every few weeks, depending on your recent sales.
  3. Continue to refine and improve, possibly once every few weeks

This gives people a chance at finding my best-selling items much quicker and buying them more often.

Shop Section Optimization

Shop Sections are the list of categories on the left-hand side of your Etsy Shop homepage.

These sections are not only important for helping people find what they’re looking for from your Shop Page but also they help lead customers to find the items they want while on your individual listing pages.

Obviously, the very first photo they see of your item is crucial to telling the story of your Item. However, often times, a customer is going to quickly see your listing’s first image and then scroll down to quickly understand the item.

If your customer is not interested and the leave your listing, it’s going to be really hard convincing them to come back to your product and purchase.

How we can ensure a greater chance of these potential customers staying in your shop is with the next group of photos on your Etsy listing page – the “You Might Also Like” section on the bottom right-hand of your Listing Page.

Etsy is going to randomly pull 8 items from your Shop Sections that your main item is also part of to determine which items are going to be shown in this spot.

The reason this little section on the Listing Page is so important is that it is almost like your last chances to impress an Etsy customer with your items.

If you weren’t able to capture the attention of your potential customer with the listing that they landed on, you have 8 more chances at the bottom of the page to redeem yourself!


Featured Items Optimization

The next way to optimize and improve your Etsy Shop layout is through choosing good Featured Items.

Etsy allows you to showcase 4 Featured Items at the top of your shop and choosing the right items in this section is very important for your shop’s growth.

Below is a photo of what our current 4 Featured Items looks like in our Etsy Shop.

The items you display here are the items that you want to spotlight and encourage your visitors to visit. This may be your best-selling item, a seasonal item, or items that are on sale.

You should revisit the Featured Items section frequently and change it up as you see fit.

Listing Page Optimization

After doing a keyword search, Etsy Listings are almost always the first page that a buyer is going to see in your Etsy Shop.

This makes your Etsy listing page extremely important to optimize to increase your chances of getting a sale.

Here’s a breakdown of each piece of an Etsy Listing, and how you can optimize these sections to help increase your overall Etsy Sales:

  • Title
  • Photos
  • Reviews & Shop Policies
  • Item Details and Descriptions
  • Similar Listings

If you need more help setting up your new listing with SEO, we cover all of the steps you need to take to optimize your Etsy listings later in the SEO guide.

Shop Cover Page

Having a shop cover page is a great way to display your brand and inspire your customers with your call-to-action.

It’s not there just to look pretty!

This is a good way to display certain information or get your visitors to do certain things you want them to do.

Here are some ways you can use your cover image:

  • Use the cover image to tell customers more about your shop with some text and photos
  • Offer a coupon code to give people an incentive to buy from you soon
  • Advertise when there is a sale going on
  • Direct them to your website or social media links
  • Display any accomplishments or acknowledgements you’ve received to increase your authority (ex: Perfect 5-star reviews since 2012)

Shop Updates

Etsy allows up to 3 of your most recent shop updates to be shown on your shop’s home page.

These shop updates are a feature you can use to keep those who have favorited your shop or one of your items in the loop. Every time you post on Etsy Updates, it shows up in their notifications and reminds them that you still exist and gives them information that they otherwise would miss out on.

Some sellers use this to post behind-the-scenes photos of their shop, market their new items, or remind people about sales.

If you don’t want to be completely invested in this, as it takes some time out of your busy schedule, you can still utilize this section.

Many sellers use this as another opportunity to show more of their best selling items that aren’t in the Featured Items section.

You can only update this section through the use of the Etsy Sellers App on a smartphone, so make sure you download Etsy Seller App on iOS or Android.

Product Descriptions

SEO and keywords aside, when you’re writing your product descriptions, your only focus should be uncovering the story of your item and describing it in as much detail as possible.

Put your customers in your head when you were deciding to create your product.

In order to have them relate, you’ll want to highlight a pain point or a problem that your targeted audience normally experiences.

Go on to explain how you relate to this problem and how it inspired you to create your product. Then, explain how your product will solve this problem or help eliminate it for the shopper if they buy it.

Secondly, you’ll want to think about questions your buyers are likely to have about your product. Then, answer those questions in your Etsy product description.

Once you’ve completed writing your description, then you can go back and optimize it for SEO

Along with your title and tags, you’ll want to use the same keywords and keyword phrases in your description to optimize your listing to get found in an Etsy search.

Place both the broad keyword and the longer, more detailed keyword phrases near the top of the description in a natural sounding way.

As you fill in the remainder of your description, continue to add in your keywords where you see fit.

You don’t have to overdo it and stuff your paragraphs with all of your keywords. In fact, that may do you more harm than good.

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It may seem like a lot to take on at once, but implementing these tips here and there over time will lead you to a higher chance of converting those browsers into buyers.

Need More Help with Etsy SEO?

Take a moment to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Have you fully optimized your Etsy shop yet?
  • What’s something that concerns you about SEO?
  • How often do you go through your Etsy shop and make sure everything is as it should be?

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