What They Aren’t Telling You About Optimizing Your Pins with Pinterest SEO

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Pinterest is very similar to Google in the sense that it uses keywords and keyword phrases to help this otherwise “social media” platform turn into more of a visual search engine.

This is why Pinterest is so well recommended by just about everybody if you’re trying to gain traffic to your website.

Pinterest users go onto the platform and search for a particular subject and decided whether or not to save or click based off of the design and helpfulness of your pin.

This system is so remarkable and when you learn the code to crack the system, you’re going to see traffic coming in by the thousands.

So how exactly do you using SEO with Pinterest if it’s not exactly the same as Google?

Stick around and we’ll tell you how!

New to Pinterest?

This post is apart of a 3-part blog series to give you every piece of information we know about optimizing your Pinterest account and developing a pinning strategy that send load of traffic to your Etsy shop!

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Using Pinterest SEO

With more people trying to make their purchases based on finding products on Pinterest, there are a few tricks that can optimize those simple looking pins to get you more desired traffic to your online business.

1.Optimize Your Profile

Fill in the “About You” section with relevant details, display a quality photo of yourself, create an SEO enriched Pinterest name, and create relevant boards for your audience. This will make it easier for people to locate and save your Pins.

We talk more in depth about what exactly needs to be done to optimize your Pinterest profile to get found and gain traffic in this blog post. Check it out after you’re done reading here!

2. Do Keyword Research

When you’re doing keyword research for Pinterest, it’s best to utilize the Pinterest search bar, as it gives you basically all of the information you’ll need.
It helps you to narrow your focus and find more relevant results.

To get started with coming up with the keywords you’re going to use throughout your profile, sit down with a piece of paper and go through this exercise:

  1. Create a list of the main topic areas you want to target throughout your account. These will be the broad terms that you will begin your research with.
  2. Go to Pinterest and the search broad terms see what comes up. If pins that show up aren’t your topic area, try another keyword.
  3. If you get a keyword that offers relevant pins, look at the top of your screen below the search bar. There should be a list of relevant keywords that you can also take advantage of.
  4. Gather together these keyword ideas from Pinterest.
  5. Write down each Pinterest board that you have (or are planning to create) and list at least 10-15 keywords that you’ll consistently use throughout that board (board name, board bio, pin SEO).

When it comes to Pinterest profile optimization, we want to pick keywords that are going to bring traffic and attention to our pins so doing a little bit of research is the best way to ensure this will happen.

Grab a copy of our FREE Keyword Planner below to help you lock in on the most optimal keywords and keyword phrases that will get you seen on Pinterest in no time!

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3. Get to Know the Optimal Design of a Pin

Designing your pins is crucial for your success on Pinterest and there is a certain formula that you need to know in order to make the most out of your design and attract the eyes of your audience. 

With any pin, however, there are still some clear rules of thumb that we should all follow:

  • Your pins should be tall and vertical. The taller your pin is, the more space it takes up on Pinterest when your audience is scrolling past. This is more likely to catch their attention rather than a tiny square in the corner somewhere.
  • Use the right colors. Pin images with warmer colors, such as red or orange, are more likely to get clicked on and saved than pins with a cooler color scheme. Whatever colors you choose, however, should go well together and draw your customers in.
  • Create value. Pinterest users move quick, so it’s important to catch their attention to prove that your pin is something that they want to click on. In your title, you’re going to want to create value and entice your audience to click over to your blog post or any other form of content because it is EXACTLY what they are looking or. You can do this with a catchy title and a call-to-action.

4. Be Descriptive

Even though Pinterest is a relatively visual platform, your text still matters just as much, especially for the Pinterest algorithm.

Don’t be afraid to include in-depth details about your blog post or product. Tell your audience how the product will benefit them, how they can use it, or an interesting fact about the product or blog post.

This will help Pinterest locate and display your pin to relevant searches throughout the platform.

When you’re writing your description, you’ll have up to 500 characters, which can be seen when a user clicks on your pin. Write in complete sentences and provide lots of details!

5. Use Hashtags

Similar to other social media platforms, Pinterest has latched onto the popularity of hashtags.

Hashtags help to categorize pins into a particular subject that users can easily discover.

Your hashtags may very well be exactly the same as your keywords, but they also could be different.

Similar to keyword research, I like to search hashtags on Pinterest before I put them in my description to make sure that people are actually searching for them and that multiple pins are showing up for that one hashtag.

6. Alt Text/Image Description

When you are uploading your image onto your website, make sure that it as a great “Alt” text and description of your product or post.

This is information that Pinterest will look for when someone pins from your website.

It’s also a good SEO practice to have in general as a blogger.


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Your Turn!

Pinterest SEO is by far one of the most simple SEO techniques to crack that’s out there! What do you think about it?

  • Have you been focusing on your Pinterest SEO?
  • How often do you review your Pinterest SEO?

If you’re ready to create the online biz you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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