Why You Should Schedule Your Instagram Posts in Advance (+ How to Do It)

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There are so many great reasons why you should be scheduling your Instagram posts in advance!

The thought of hurriedly posting an Instagram post out of the blue and coming up with a bomb caption without much thought just stresses me out.

Read through the rest of this blog post to find out all of the benefits of scheduling your Instagram posts in advance and how exactly you can do it.

Why You Should Schedule Your Instagram Posts in Advance

Batching Your Work

If you didn’t know already, I’m like the queen of batching work.

Batching is a great way to stay organized while also getting a crap more ton of work done that you otherwise would have.

You can do all of your work for a week at once in the matter of a couple of hours and then you won’t have to worry about it – giving you tons of time to focus on other important things for your business.

On Sunday (or whatever day that works best for your schedule) plan your Instagram images, shoot them, edit them, and upload them to your scheduler, write your captions and research your hashtags and you’re done for the week!

No more stress!

And as a business owner, the less stress the better.

No More Rushing

As I mentioned before, it sucks when you feel like you have to rush to post on Instagram.

You want to be able to have time to think about what you’re going to say because you want your caption to convert to engagement!

Instead of writing “Happy Monday”, you’ll be able to really think of a descriptive and engaging caption. And if you think of something else or change your mind, you can always go back and change it up!

There’s nothing like having time to select the right hashtags, actually remember to include a call-to-action, and updating links.

More Time Engaging

It’s time to put the “social” back into social media once and for all!

The most important benefit out of them all is by scheduling your posts in advance when they publish, you can spend more time interacting with your audience and staying engaged.

Your daily social media schedule won’t consist of posting, but rather talking to your community, leaving comments, and liking other creators content.

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Instagram Schedulers


Planoly gives you the ability to do everything you need to do to post on Instagram straight from their app.

You’ll be able to drag and drop to rearrange your images, write and edit your captions, and schedule your posts for the week.

After you select what time you want to your picture to be posted, Planoly will send you a push notification on your phone so you can actually post within the Instagram app (this is based on Instagram’s requirements).

Here are a few features on Planoly that I seriously can’t live without:

  • Live Preview – your preview feed which includes all of your images. This helps if you want to keep a specific theme and flow throughout your images
  • Analytics – you’ll have access to basic analytics on your followers, your likes/comments per post and trends over time
  • Track Comments – you can manage & reply to comments directly within the app
  • Splitter feature – If you’ve seen accounts spread an image across a few posts, Planoly has a tool that perfectly splits your image!


Later is a lot similar to Planoly in the abilities you get, however, you won’t be able to see all of the photos on your feed, only the ones you’ve scheduled directly in Later’s app.

However, you’ll be able to upload photos to a saved photo library and be able to completely edit the photo, draft a caption, and save for your desired time to be posted.

You’ll be sent a push notification when your photo is time to be posted on Instagram within a few clicks!

Your caption will automatically copy to your clipboard and open up on Instagram.

All you have to do is paste your caption and click to share!

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Now, you may know Tailwind as a Pinterest marketing tool, but it’s also used for Instagram!

This is my Instagram post scheduler of choice because of the amazing features that they have to offer that no other scheduler can offer!

  • Tailwind now offers auto posting straight to Instagram (no more push notifications or reminders!)
  • You can amplify your marketing strategy by cross-posting to Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook without any extra work & all automatically
  • They have a hashtag feature which is unlike any other scheduler out there today!

This takes automation to an entirely different level!

Hashtag Feature

As you know, using hashtags is critical for your profile to get exposure, and selecting the best ones can take some serious research.

Tailwind makes this so easy by giving you four categories for hashtags – niche, good, best, competitive.

Niche has a smaller audience that searches for these hashtags, but it’s highly targeted to get an audience that fits in your customer base.

Competitive hashtags are high volume hashtags that contain over 500,000 generic hashtags highly used by everyone.

It’s harder to show up at the top post results using competitive hashtags, so it’s great to know which hashtags to avoid and which ones to use the most of.

Using Tailwind, you can have fresh, a new selection of hashtags on every post each time you post which helps expand your chances of getting found!

There will be hashtag suggestions that appear and refresh as you type and you’ll have the ability to shuffle them or dismiss the ones that don’t work for you.

Being able to do simple hashtag research directly on Tailwind without spending hours manually searching through hashtags and creating a set of them has been an absolute game changer!

How to Use Tailwind for Instagram

You may be familiar with using Tailwind for Pinterest, and the process of scheduling for Instagram is fairly similar.

However, here’s some basic steps to help you get started:

  • First setup the smart schedule – pick how many times a day you want to post, and Tailwind will find optimized slots based on your account (just like when scheduling pins)
  • Next, go to the publisher and upload the image you want to share – (you can upload a number of images) you can add your caption here and hashtags using their hashtag feature
  • Amplify your posts – you can check off whether or not you want to cross-post over to Pinterest and Facebook to increase your exposure
  • Then, click to add to the schedule or select a manual time and date – if you want it to go out at a specific point

And that’s pretty much it!

Super simple and has given my Instagram account a little boost in exposure.

Here are some additional perks to using Tailwind for Instagram:

  • You’re able to create and upload drafts of any photo that you find online and easily attribute the owner of the image
  • You can use information from your account to help optimize your account

Scheduling Your Instagram Posts in Advance

Be actively involved in your social media accounts can take time and dedication on top of your already busy daily schedule.

Take one less thing off your to-do list and batch your Instagram posts for the week and make life more simple!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Have you tried an Instagram scheduler before?
  • Which Instagram scheduler looks to be more up your ally?
  • What’s one thing you could get done by taking away the time and energy of posting on Instagram during the week after scheduling your posts?

If you’re ready to create the online biz you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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