The Best Pinterest Pins to Create for Etsy Sellers

Nov 12, 2018 | Pinterest | 0 comments

We’ve all heard it before, right?

“Get on Pinterest, it’ll triple your traffic!”

And we’re all like, “Heck yeah! Show me the money!”. But then you actually get on Pinterest and you don’t see the traffic, the sales, or the money in return.

So, what gives?

Well, the issue could be a number of things: your pinning strategy, how your pins are designed, or your Pinterest SEO.

But odds are, you aren’t pinning the right type of stuff for your target audience!

Let’s face it, we can’t pin the same things a blogger or other businesses can.

Today, I’m going to give you some tips and pointers on the best things you can pin when you have nothing else to pin!

New to Pinterest for Etsy?

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psst…. by the way, If you don’t have a clear Pinterest design strategy yet and are still trying to figure it out, grab this free Pin Design Guide to help you create STUNNING pins that get seen and get clicked!

I go into more detail on exactly what boards and how many of each you should have on your Pinterest profile for Etsy sellers in my this blog post, so check that out after this post.

To begin, it’s important to realize that even if you do absolutely everything right on Pinterest, if your pins aren’t attractive to look at, you won’t see any results with your traffic. Your pins should:

  • Be long and vertical
  • Have excellent Pinterest SEO
  • Have wording on them that is easy to read
  • Be wary of script fonts and light colors
  • Have your Etsy shop name or logo on them to prevent them from being stolen
  • Use clear and quality photos

To create your pin graphics, I suggest using either Canva or PicMonkey. These are easy to use platforms that basically allow you to drag and drop photos, text, and graphics to your pin and download it.

Once you’re done with this post, head on over to this blog post for a walk through on exactly how I design my pins that make huge impressions and get engaged.

Listed below are some pin ideas with some examples to give you an idea of what kind of pins you can create:

  • Entire Shop Collage
  • Shop Feedback
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Individual Item
  • Shop Categories
  • Individual Item Collage
  • Blog Posts

Entire Shop Collage

Add a variety of photos to your pin that represent your Etsy shop, including inspirational photos, product photos, and your products in use. Don’t forget to add your logo or Shop name where browsers can see and remember.

Shop Feedback

This is a great way to show your credibility and the featured product. Make sure you add the picture of the product being reviewed, the actual review that the product got including the rating and your logo or Shop name where browsers can see and remember it.

Behind the Scenes

Customers are more inclined to purchase your product if there is a story behind it. Any chance that you can get to put a face behind your shop you should take advantage of. Snap a few photos of you creating your product. Have a well lite and quality photo showing your process. Don’t forget to link your pin back to an Etsy listing or your Etsy shop home page.

Individual Item

If you want to highlight one item, you may want to consider making a pin completely revolved around it. Along with the picture of your item, include descriptive wording about your item and a call to action to get browsers to click through to your Etsy shop. Again, include your logo or Shop name where browsers can see and remember it.

*Don’t display the price on your pin.

pin designs that get converted and clicked

Shop Categories

Create a pin with a photo collage of all of the items under one of your Etsy categories. Highlight the best of your products, including a call to action. Link your pin to the shop category instead of an individual listing so the browser can see all of their options.

Individual Item Collage

Similar to the Individual Item pin, this gives your audience a chance to look inside the one item you offer. However, instead of just one photo, you’ll want to display various photos of one product.

*Don’t display the price on your pin.

Your Blog Posts

If you have created a website outside of Etsy in your marketing strategy, you’re also going to want to pin your blog posts to Pinterest. Create a catchy title explaining what your blog post is about and use a strong call-to-action to entice your audience to click through and read.


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Your Turn!

Now you know that Etsy sellers are able to utilize Pinterest just as well as bloggers or other businesses without coming off as spammy!

Tell me your thoughts below!

  • Which pins have you already been creating for your Pinterest account for your Etsy shop?
  • Which pins are you looking forward to using?
  • Are there any other types of pins that you create that do well on your Pinterest account and drive traffic to your Etsy shop? If so, share with the community below! We’d love to hear!

If you’re ready to create the Etsy shop you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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