Using Brand Influencers to Skyrocket Your Etsy Shop Traffic

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There are times when we feel like we’ve done absolutely everything possible to get traffic to our Etsy shops without any luck.

Pinterest, promotions, SEO, and traffic is still down for the week.

Let’s face it, it’s natural to have dips in our traffic, however, there’s always something we can do besides the traditional marketing strategies that will get traffic to your shop.

Before we start, I’m offering you a FREE Email Pitch template that you can use to pitch to other brand influencers! In this template, I share exactly what my pitches are and give you tips and pointers on taking that leap and asking someone to leave a review on your product (don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you may think!

An additional way to reach out to your target audience outside of Etsy is by finding brands with large followings than yours of the same target audience and asking them to share your product with them. This puts your product in the eyes of essentially thousands of people who already trust and admire this particular brand influencer.

A review coming from them will make your product credible and increase your chances of getting a sale.

Using this method may not give you immediate results because it depends on how long it takes for the brand or blogger you reached out to and how long they take writing their blog post or sharing on social media. However, once they do share, you’ll see an almost immediate spike in your traffic and sales.

Give it time, and try and reach out to as many brands as you can.

1. Who To Reach Out To

When I first started reaching out to brands, I had a hard time figuring out whom I should ask to review my product.

You want to find bloggers who have more followers than you, but how many followers are too many? I wanted to find bloggers with a relatively large following, but not too large (famous status) where they probably get thousands of promotional emails a day and mine would be buried amongst them.

Although it wouldn’t hurt taking that chance and if I’m lucky to get in front of millions of their followers, reaching out to other brand influencers takes time and effort and I wanted to have the best chances of getting a yes so I wasn’t wasting my time.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer on whom to reach out to since you’re probably in a completely different market than I am.

I will say, however, to start by looking at the brands and bloggers you currently follow. Look at their following and then look into if they always respond to their comments and reach out to their audience.

If each comment has a response and you see them actively reaching out to help their followers, there’s a good chance they won’t mind lending a helping hand. You could even test this by posting a comment on a blog post or social media post or emailing them a question or concern, and see how long it takes before they respond back to you, if they do.

To go beyond this, you can always google or search on Pinterest your Etsy shops main keyword and find bloggers who write in this area.

Do some research and answer the same questions as before. Just make sure that they 1) have the same audience as you, 2) have a larger following than you, and 3) are responsive to their audience.

2. How to Reach Out

To reach out to your blogger or influencer, I suggest you first build a relationship with them. You don’t by any means have to be on a first name basis, but you want them to at least know you aren’t there to take advantage of them for their followers.

Make sure you are following them on their blog and social media channels and make an effort to comment and share their work consistently for at least a few days before you decide to contact them.

After a few days of showing that you are involved in their brand, pitch your product to them and cross your fingers!

I recommend emailing them by finding their contact information on their website. Keep the email brief and personal. I like to start off with how I found their blog or social media account and something that I personally like about their brand. I usually reference their About page for fun facts or their mission statement to draw from.

For example, if a bloggers mission is to help stay at home moms create an online business, I would tell them that I admire their dedication and mission to moms because staying home with my son has always been my first priority. Then, I would go on to example how their blog has helped me do that.

After this, I typically explain the values and mission of my business and how they relate to their blogs mission statements. For instance, using the example in the email pitching template, I would say that Amma Rose Designs was created with women entrepreneurs in mind and with each of my products I strive to make running an online business easier.

Lead this into the product you are offering and describe what it is, how it will be beneficial to their audience, and any other important information. Then, offer to send them a sample to review.

Yes, this will cost you money! But you can’t expect them to buy it from you just to review it.

If they say yes, investing in sending them your product for the chances of additional sales will be worth it.

Make it clear that you want to send them the product for a review on a blog post or a feature on their Instagram page. Don’t make them guess what you want!

I usually end the email with thanking them for their time and giving them the direct link to the product, a link to my Etsy page, my contact information, and tell them that I look forward to hearing from them again.

Remember, though you want to be detailed, you also want to be short and precise so they are more inclined to read it. Keep it down to two to three short paragraphs. You can even add photos where you feel appropriate to give them even more of an idea of what you are offering them.

Send off the email and wait for their response. Keep track of everyone that you have contacted to avoid resending emails.

If you haven’t heard from someone you’ve contacted after the 14 days, you can send a follow-up email asking if they received your previous email and do a short recap. If they don’t answer after this email, take it as a lost and don’t keep emailing them. You wouldn’t want to work with someone with poor communication anyways!

3. Sending a Sample

This process will be different for people who sell digital products and those who sell physical products.

I sell digital products, so when I get a yes from a blogger, I email them a pdf of my product and a more in-depth description of the benefits of the product and my business. This helps the blogger get a start in what they write for their review.

For those who sell physical products, once you get a yes, I would recommend asking for their shipping information if they haven’t given it to you yet.

You can decide if you want to describe the benefits of your products in detail in the email or sending a printed card with the information in the mail with them.

Make sure you get the package to them as soon as possible! It wouldn’t be a good review if it takes months to get to the blogger.

Or worse, they might even forget that you guys spoke.

I’m all about giving so I created a guide where I share a template for the follow-up email, an email you can send after they say yes, and an email you can send if they say no.

Don’t forget to download your FREE copy so you can skyrocket your Etsy sales!

Your Turn!

I love connecting with other bloggers and brands, not only to increase my traffic but also to share my product with a larger audience who I think would benefit from it!

  • How do you think you benefit from reaching out to brand influencers?
  • If there are certain blogger or brand you have in mind?
  • Have you had success with this method in the past? If so, let us know so we can celebrate you!

If you’re ready to create the Etsy shop you’ve always dreamed of and complete it all in a way that you actually have time to manage, then you are in the right spot!

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