Why I Recommend Siteground for a WordPress Blog

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Over the past few years, I have created multiple websites, whether it be for my own businesses or for friends and family.

I’ve gone through multiple web hosting companies and I’m truly convinced that SiteGround offers the absolute best web hosting service for new bloggers.

In this article, I am going to explain all of the reasons why I recommend SiteGround as the web host service for beginners.

In most cases, you’re locked into a web host for a minimum of one year after signing up, so you don’t want to have to deal with poor customer service, slow response times, unsecured site, slow loading times, and so much more than I have encountered with other web hosting services.

So, it’s important you make a good decision from the start and focus on what you do best – which is to create!

How to Determine Which Hosting Company to Go With

If you have decided to have a self-hosted website, this means you will need to purchase a hosting space.

Now, there are a lot of hosting companies, so how do you know which hosting company to go with? That’s where you will need to do some research.

Some things you should look for in a hosting company include:

  • Has the company been around for a while?
  • Does the company offer SSL (Security Socket Layer)
  • Does the company have tight security in place to prevent you from being hacked?
  • Does the company take measure to increase load time and improvements to website speeds
  • Does the company have good and reliable customer service (because you will need to contact them at some moment in your time owning your website…trust me.)

After you have done your research, make a calculated decision as to which of these companies will be best for you.

As a beginner, I’d suggest you stick with something easy to use, set up, and manage, that’s also not very expensive. And with these things in mind, I suggest going with my favorite hosting company that caters to beginner WordPress bloggers: SiteGround.

What is Siteground?

SiteGround offers their website hosting services worldwide since 2014.

In the web development community, SiteGround is known as the cheap/shared hosting provider that comes with unlimited bandwidth and includes SSL (Let’s Encrypt) and CDN (CloudFlare).

They have 3 shared plans, StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek, with GoGeek being a semi-dedicated hosting plan. GoGeek is great for those who want a fast speed performance with higher server resources but don’t have the money to pay for cloud hosting.

And to top it all off, SiteGround also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as well, although I have never known anyone who claims it!

Here’s Why I Recommend SiteGround

SiteGround Offers Free Domain Names

Let’s start with the basics.

As a first-time SiteGround user, you can take advantage of a free domain name (the name of your website) when you first sign up with them.

Personally, I prefer to have my domain names registered separately from my hosting company for safety.

BUT! If you’re a new blogger and on a budget, this helps cut down some of your building start-up costs.

SiteGround is Faster

Have you ever clicked on a link to a website and you’re left waiting…and waiting…and waiting and all you’re looking at is a blank loading screen?

This does not look good for your business! Not only that, but it absolutely kills your chances at ranking for SEO on Google (somehow they just know).

Using SiteGround as your web hosting service, the average page load time for your blog will be 1.3s without doing any optimizations whatsoever.

This is amazing considering the fact that Google’s benchmark for page speed is 2 seconds, and the average page load time of many blogs is 5 seconds!

SiteGround is Safer

Anytime you invest time, money, and energy into something that lives on the internet, it’s always a little scary considering the possibility of getting hacked.

The same goes for owning your own website.

Most web hosting accounts are on what’s called “shared hosting”, which means that there are multiple people who are all hosted on the same server.

Shared hosting is fine and is usually safe, but if you consider the off chance that another person’s website hosted on the same server get hacked, it’s a possibility that from that hacked account the rest of the server can get hacked too.

You won’t have to worry about this at all when you decide to host with SiteGround because they are the pioneers in applying effective account isolation mechanisms to the shared hosting environment. In normal words: SiteGround guards your website against your neighbors, unlike most shared web hosting accounts.

You’ll rest at night knowing that your website is fully protected against hackers and other related security issues!

It’s sad to think that this isn’t a common feature among other web hosting services, but just be glad that at least one offers protection for a website that could make or break your finances.

Here’s how SiteGround protects your website (listed on the features page):

SiteGround Gives Me Peace of Mind

This is a big one for me!

I never realized how important backups were until I made a little mistake that would have cost me my entire business and months and months of work that I had poured into my blog.

SiteGround provides free daily backups included for all hosting accounts!

What this means is that every day, SiteGround saves the information on your website (you don’t have to lift a finger!), and if a disaster occurs, you can revert your website back to how it was on whatever day you choose, in the snap of a finger.

I’m telling you now, this feature is a complete lifesaver! With all of the technical components running a blog, it’s so easy to mess something up. Most of the time your mistakes are fixable, and other times they are not.

I have such as peace of mind knowing that my information can be restored in just one click at any time!

SiteGround Comes Well Recommended by Multiple Businesses

If I’m not enough of an expert for you to believe me when I say SiteGround is the best web hosting service out there, see what others have to say when asked which web host they recommend and swear by!

SiteGround Offers Free SSL Certificates

Before I dive into this, I want to give you some context.

Google Chrome marks non-HTTPS web pages (this appear before your website domain name like https://yourwebsitename.com) as insecure with a red exclamation mark that looks like this:

So, if your website isn’t using HTTPS, it could be a real turn off for those who visit your website.

In order to use HTTPS, your website will need to have an SSL certificate installed.

If all of this is flying right over your head, don’t worry, SiteGround offers FREE SSL certificate for all of their shared hosting plans and it’s so simple to install.

Just another amazing feature that SiteGround doesn’t have to offer…but does anyway!

SiteGround Has the Best Customer Service

It’s sad to say, but good customer service is not a given these days. And I don’t know about you, but when it comes to handling super technical and sometimes confusing components (ahem…like running a website), I would like a support department that is knowledgeable and who cares.

With many other web hosting companies, I get the impression that their support staff is just reading off of a script and have little to no understanding of what you’re asking and what the solution is.

This is where SiteGround goes above and beyond!

In my experience, after running two websites through SiteGround for a few years, they answer their support inquiries faster and better than anyone else. Their support staff actually understands the technical questions and help resolve any issues that I have promptly…every single time.

SiteGround Offers Free Migration

If you already have a website with another web host company but want to switch over to SiteGround, they will do it for you! If you’ve ever tried to do this yourself, then you know this the biggest time saver!

While it’s impossible to guarantee, there should be absolutely 0 downtime – you don’t have to wait until Sunday.

I did this when I was with originally with Bluehost (and have done it for a few friends of mine) and never had a problem. The migration was done within a few hours with no technical issues.

I have complete confidence in their technicians!

Their support tickets include an option to request a website transfer:

New to Blogging?

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You can never go wrong with SiteGround!

You get peace of mind knowing you are hosted on the latest speed technologies, amazingly fast customer support just in case you need some assistance, zero downtime, and top-notch security for your website.

I hope you found my SiteGround for a WordPress blog review helpful! If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments.

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